Senior's Corner

Senior's Corner

With the population of Canada aging the old ways of selling will not provide the diligence and services that will be needed in coming years.

I have been trained to deliver excellence of service to those in the mature and senior markets or their families who will need special consideration. I understand the basics of real estate tax planning, estates, capital gains, transition moving and for those in need, care facilities, care takers and other related services.

As a real estate professional there is a lot more to listing and selling a home than just the paper process. It takes time, it takes consideration of people’s special needs and it requires a strong team of experts both within and outside of real estate.

I have a full compliment of top quality financial advisors, tax consultants, appraisers, handymen, transition managers and many more.

I have learned that a reverse mortgage may not be the best option for many Canadians and I can recommend other methods that can save money, when funds are needed.

My focus on the mature and senior market will help for a smooth transition. I promise that I have the patience and the professional tools to provide excellence of service.

Housing support for Seniors in the city of Ottawa.